Anna Tarragó, Co- Founder

Anna Tarragó, Co- Founder

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"It is safe to say that there is plenty we can do to help make this world a better place for our generation and generations to come. But the main question is: HOW?

In my teens, I always looked at the big picture. How can I get all of the plastic out of the ocean? How can I save the world?

A part of me maturing and growing older was accepting that looking at the big picture wasn´t brining me anywhere and realizing that it is the sum of small actions that lead to big results.

It´s making the conscious decision to think twice while consuming, and being mindful about the impact of your daily decisions.

Creating Alfena Footwear™ is our token of contribution. We not only make a direct positive impact by offering a plastic free alternative to fast-fashion sneakers, but also bring awareness on how to lead a conscious sustainable lifestyle.

We basically want to prove that sustainability does not compromise style or quality!

Alfena represents an
attitude towards a conscious sustainable lifestyle."


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