Visiting our Production in Portugal!

Visiting our Production in Portugal!

To say the least, our goals were not only met, but exceeded!

Just some side infos for you- our goals of our trip were the following:
☀ Work face to face with our manufacturers
☀ Expand our supply chain in order to find sustainable materials that are closer to our manufacturers and therefore minimise CO2 & also have a more efficient production for our upcoming launches!
☀Eat some Bacalhau, wich is a cod fish that Portgual is known for! (See Picture)

Alfena Founders and Production in Portugal.
While we did not really know what to expect, we were blown away by meeting wonderful people passionate about what they are doing and who taught us about the whole process needed to make each part of the Alfena shoe!
Our 4-day trip did not only turn out to be a HUGE educational experience, it also showed us how amazing and productive time can be when you get together with great people, to achieve mutual goals!
We wanted to share our experience with you as much as possible, so checkout these pictures and stay tuned for our upcoming reel on instagram and Tik Tok .
In the area where we were in Portugal, and were our manufacturing takes place, most businesses are family owned, and we are pretty hyped to be working with family-owned businesses, particularly since we ourselves are a mother-daughter enterprise. Each business, comes with their own personal story, creating a much
more personal relationship between us and them.
It feels good knowing, that we are working with people who have the same values as we do! 
I personally feel like there is just so much more passion behind the mission and purpose in a family-owned business. Simply sitting at a table with the people who are going to start producing a part of our Alfena shoe for you, and them happening to be father, son, and the mom, just feels very special!
Other than that, not only were the people so kind, but the location was also beautiful! I saw my first lemon tree, and I was amazed by the amount of solar panels being used!!  By the way, did you know that the McDonald’s in Portugal doesn´t useany plastic at all? (No, we did not eat at McDonald's but just a fun fact :D ) Also the buses are electric…! The rest of the world needs to get that hip, seriously!!
The food in Portugal was also amazing and for our seafood lovers, we def recommend to enjoy some local seafood there.Bacalhau- a traditional Portuguese meal!
Bacalhau- a traditional Portuguese meal!
With that being said, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made our experience so special! ♡
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