On a #NoPlastic Mission

We´ve specifically chosen our materials to ensure a curated and high quality look, while fulfilling our high sustainability standards, which is reflected through our whole supply chain. 

Our material selection is based on the  implementation of materials that contain #NoPlastic and #NoToxins and therefore achieve maximum biodegradability.

With our material selection, we can prevent plastic pollution from microplastics that not only last hundreds of years on our planet but also contaminate our drinking water.

After thorough evaluation, the materials are sent to our production near Porto, Portugal where the Alfena sneakers are handmade with love and purpose. 

Chrome - Free Vegetable Tanned Leather

Alfena uses 100% biodegradable, high quality, chrome-free, vegetable tanned leather.

During its process in Germany, the leather is sealed with premium natural fats and waxes, and is completely absent of a chemical coating which usually contains polluting color pigments and microplastics.

Please keep in mind; our leather is completely natural and needs to be cared for appropriately. So, don't forget to show your shoes some love once in a while!


Our natural cork insoles ensure a unique and comfortable Alfena experience, for you and your feet!

They are highly flexible and light making them comfortable for everyday use over longer periods of time.

After a couple uses, the insoles individually adapt to your foot, ensuring a unique experience.

The natural cork in your Alfena insoles is obtained from the bark from cork oak which is mainly harvested in southern Portugal or Spain. Harvesting cork is part of an ancient manual 6-step process done by experts known as desocorticadores.

These desocorticadores possess the special know-how in regards to harvesting season, and how to harvest without harming the cork oak. Don’t worry, the cork oaks aren’t cut down for their oak!

The tree itself has a very low carbon footprint! They require a minimal amount of resources and don’t need pesticides, fertiliser, or curing to thrive. Cool, right? But the best is yet to come. After its harvest, the cork oak takes up 3-5x more CO2 to produce more cork meaning that it takes more CO2 out of our atmosphere!

Can we talk about #ReducingCO2Emissions one insole at a time?

Lactae Hevea

Our authentic uniquely handcrafted outer soles are Made in France and are individually handmade for you and your new Alfena shoe!

The 100 % natural outer soles absorb your natural movements and individually adapt your foot-form, creating a unique footbed for your shoe and foot.

The materials used for the outer sole posses a so-called alveolar microstructure which is basically small little air bubbles acting as a shock absorber!


TENCEL™ (A Lenzing AG) fibers are sustainably sourced from wood

TENCEL™ fibers are 100% biodegradable, breathable, and sweat absorbent, providing comfort for your feet all day long. 

Der Grüne Punk- " The Green Dot" Certified Packaging

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