Two Women, One Dream.

Anna Tarragó

"It is safe to say that there is plenty we can do to help make this world a better place for our generation and generations to come. But the main question is: HOW?

In my teens, I always looked at the big picture. How can I get all of the plastic out of the ocean? How can I save the world?

A part of me maturing and growing older was accepting that looking at the big picture wasn´t brining me anywhere and realizing that it is the sum of small actions that lead to big results.

It´s making the conscious decision to think twice while consuming, and being mindful about the impact of your daily decisions.

Creating Alfena Footwear™ is our token of contribution. We not only make a direct positive impact by offering a plastic free alternative to fast-fashion sneakers, but also bring awareness on how to lead a conscious sustainable lifestyle.

We basically want to prove that sustainability does not compromise style or quality!

Alfena represents an
attitude towards a conscious sustainable lifestyle."

Christine Schraff - Tarrago

Growing up as a child in Germany, I was educated to be an active participant protecting our environment. This meant picking up trash, recycling, reducing consumption of wasteful items, and bicycling as a way of transportation .This early education and way of life instilled my love and respect for our Mother Earth, and is therefore a value that follows me on a daily basis. My inspiration to Co-found Alfena Footwear™ is the opportunity to give back – to produce footwear that is comfortable, durable, and fashionable. In addition, Alfena is promoting an ethical work environment, with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, aiming for maximal biodigradability. As humans, I believe that we have to learn to live in balance with Mother Nature- not only be takers, but also be givers, to close up the cycle.

Christine and Anna Tarragó, at their trunk show at Bitter Grace, one of their partner stores in Washington DC.

Our Philosophy

With Alfena Footwear™, our mission is to set a new standard for the fashion industry and create sustainable footwear characterised by its love for the planet, style, and its people.

We focus on sustainable development goals, long lasting quality, and comfort. We are excited to have you be a part of our journey!


All our materials have been specifically chosen to achieve our standards, and we couldn't be more happy to share it with you.

Wether it's throwing out our chocolate bar wrappers, picking up after ourselves after a picnic, or picking up other peoples trash- we've always made it our mission to keep trash where it's meant to be- the trash can! With Alfena, we're just taking the next step: creating shoes that don't produce trash!

Last Years Plastic Clean Up Day

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