Visiting the Production!

Although the modern digitalisation allows us to work from home and get things done anywhere, anytime, we value (and personally prefer) working with our partners "live" as well!  Which is why we are super excited for our trip to Portugal this week! 

We are not only looking forward to planning our next production (stay tuned for exciting updates!) but are also to saying hello to the amazing people we are blessed to be working on Alfena with!

It's been a couple months since our last visit in early 2022, where we planned the production of the new colored models and also sourced new sustainable materials for future drops in order to minimize our CO2 emissions by sourcing materials closer to our production. 

For example, our shoelaces for the first drop of the Kira Off- White all came from Wuppertal, Germany. All shoelaces for the last and future drops of our shoelaces were also sustainably made without plastic but we sourced them from a small family owned and run business near our production site! 

Not only are 70% of our material suppliers family owned and run businesses with their own unique stories, but as of the next production about 70% of our material suppliers are also located in Portugal which allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions even more. 

We are always looking for ways to continuously optimize our supply chain to be as sustainable as possible! 

On this trip, our main focus is YOU. Our mission is to take advantage of our phones and get some good content in to share with you! Bless the digital world for allowing us to do so. 

You deserve to know how your shoes are being made! 

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More infos on our sustainable production and certifications here: 


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