The Dangers of the Fast Fashion Shoe Industry

The Dangers of the Fast Fashion Shoe Industry

It’s finally a spooky season! 👻

But do you know what’s really spooky? The environmental impact the fast fashion shoe industry has on our planet. 

Fast fashion shoe production and materials contain many threats to our planet's wellbeing. From the beginning to the end of a shoe´s lifecycle, toxins, chemicals, and fossil fuels are produced and leaked into our environment. This not only harms our planet, but also contaminates our drinking water and our health. 

The manufacturing process and the use of synthetic materials such as plastic releases large amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere and contributes to global warming. 

Did you know that to make one pair of shoes 30 pounds of CO2 are generated? This is enough to keep a light bulb running for a week! 

The transportation from shoes from cheap labor sources in developing nations also leads to an increase in CO2 emission and air pollution. Not to mention unethical labor conditions and the exploitation of the individuals working in the production. 

But the negative impact of the shoe industry does not stop there. Once they are thrown out and land in our landfills, they emit plastics, chemicals, and toxins into the environment. 

But c´mon ENOUGH, with the bad news!! The good news? You do not have to be a part of this!

Consciously choose your next shoe purchase and upgrade your closet with sustainable footwear.


The Fast Fashion Shoe Industry
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