benefits of tea strainers

Adios Tea Bags, Hello Strainers!

Sweater weather, rainy days, and blankets definitely require a hot drink in our hands!

It´s time to take a step away from tea bags and sustainably enjoy your cup of tea with this easy hack.

Not only does this save you from having to think about adding tea to your weekly shopping list but it also has many health benefits!

Health Benefits 

  • Your not drinking microplastics!
  • The tea in your tea bags is usually made out of "tea dust" which is low quality tea. The tea used to strain is made out of high quality tea. Remember- what you put in your body matters!
  • Due to the higher quality of loose leaf tea, the health benefits of that tea are also higher! 
  • More flavorful!

What´s your favorite tea? Let us know in your comments! 


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