4 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

4 Ways to Practice Mindfulness


With mindfulness, we live more conscious and observant. The opposite would be inattention. When being inattentive, we tend to rush through our lives, unconscious of our surroundings and what is happening to us. Important things blur with unimportant things. And that’s why everybody would do well with a bit of mindfulness.
Read more about our intro to mindfulness here.
Here are 4 ways to include mindfulness in your everyday life.

I. Affirmations

An affirmation in this context is a positive phrase you tell yourself. There are different ways to practice this: you can talk to yourself, in front of a mirror, in your head, aloud, but you can also listen to, read or write down your affirmations. Try to feel the phrase, connect with it and repeat until you start to believe it.

If you do not want to create your own affirmations, you can also find some on Spotify, YouTube or several blogs.
Affirmations can look like this:
  • I am thankful.
  • I love myself.
  • What belongs to me will simply find me.
  • I attract what is good for me.


II. Meditation

Meditation has been proved successful and is present in many cultures. The controlled way to breath in an unchanged position lowers high blood pressure, helps us to let go of stress and even with depression. There are many ways to meditate – something for everyone!
Here are some examples:
  • Walking Meditation: Try to fully concentrate on your movements and breathing while taking a walk.
  • Sitting Meditation: Try sitting in a comfortable position (it does not have to be cross-legged) and allow your thoughts to flow freely.
  • Guided Meditation: A Guided Meditation is perfect for beginners. You listen to the instructions, and they will help you breath and focus. You can find Guided Meditations on multiple streaming platforms such as Spotify, Netflix or YouTube.


III. Journaling 

Journaling or expressive writing can help with stress, control your emotions and benefits your mental health. By writing down your inner thoughts you reflect and hopefully, eventually understand and accept feelings and thoughts that concern you. Because reading it can give you clearance and reading it again after a while will show you your growth.

So why not get a journal and fill it – you can also doodle, draw or sketch. The main thing is that you express yourself on paper. 

Mindful journaling also provides an opportunity to let go of judging yourself, to freely explore what you notice, what you feel and what makes you tick.


IV. Observe

Observe mindfulness is the practice of being conscious of your sensory experience - what you feel, sense, see, taste, touch and hear without naming, reacting to or judging it. That sounds simple but most of the times, we are inattentive of what is happening with us, we take it for granted. When practicing Observe mindfulness, you are allowing your direct experience to just happen as it is.

How to practice: 

Take some time. You can take a walk, sit on a bench or in nature.
Take in your surroundings: listen to the sounds, notice your breath and watch what is around you without reacting to it. Just take it in.

Mindfulness can also teach us to be conscious of the environment and develop a deep respect for nature. You start to think and be aware about your actions and the possible consequences. This also brings us to the subject of sustainability. You can only truly care about the environment, if you are aware of the damage that has been done and what you can do to make it better.


Enjoy! We would love to hear your experience doing these in the comments below!:) If you have any other mindful tricks feel free to share these as well!


Lots of Love,

 Your Alfena Team 

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