Mindful Shopping

Mindful Shopping

Have you ever heard of mindful shopping? As you already know, mindfulness is great for relaxation and reducing stress, but did you know you can also use mindfulness when it comes to your shopping habits?

Mindfulness shopping, as the name already suggests, is all about conscious purchases – think before you buy: what are you buying, where is it from, why are you buying it and what impact does your purchase have on a bigger scale? The goal is only buying what you really need. As a mindful shopper, every item you buy should give you a level of care, value and appreciation. You shop with awareness and pay attention to what really benefits you, your surroundings, people and the planet.

No more unnecessary impulse purchases!

Over-spending is nothing to take lightly. It can lead to guilt, shame and worries about finances. Mindful shopping can help you create a healthy balance and be more conscious of spending money. Another big motivation to practice mindful shopping is sustainability. Trying to avoid plastic materials, buying local products or shopping textiles that need less water are only a few examples of how you can easily be more mindful of how your shopping habits impact the environment.  

Here are 5 tips of how you can adapt mindful shopping into your daily life:

  1. Pause before you buy it – a lot of purchases are impulse purchases. You see something, you like it, you buy it! Next time: try to think first! Take a deep breath, look at the item you like and think about how it will impact your life and the world around you. Ask yourself: do I really need it, does it bring me joy, is it sustainable, can I get somewhere else for less money (but sustainable)? All these questions can impact your choice and let you be more conscious of how you spend your money and how it would impact your surroundings.
  2. Is your shopping list mindful? Are you even using a shopping list? Let’s start there! Using a shopping list cannot only help you remember what to buy but can also keep you from impulse purchases. How do we make your shopping list mindful? To make your shopping list accessible for conscious purchases, you separate everything in “needs” and “wants”. “Needs” are your essentials, things that you need for your daily life, “wants” are purchases for pleasure, also things that you don’t have, that bring you joy but you don’t necessarily need them. Saving for your “wants”, waiting until you can buy it without over-spending is actually fun and when you finally buy it, you will savour it even more.
  3. Be aware of your closet! You go shopping because you have “nothing to wear” and even though you bought a bunch of stuff, you find yourself in the same situation not even a week later – does that sound familiar? Go through your closet - maybe even sort some things out that you don’t like or wear anymore and sell it to make some extra money – and become aware of what you already have, what you’re potentially missing and what you REALLY like. This prevents you from buying clothes that you don’t need and gives you a closet with clothes you actually like. An inventory list for your closet might also make sense
  4. Longevity is key! Quality over quantity ensures you not only a quality product but also a long lasting one. We tend to go for the cheaper items because it makes sense moneywise in that moment however, most of the times you end up paying more because the cheaper item breaks and you have to buy a new one. So, try to look for well-made pieces and brands that highlight longevity in their products. But remember, high prices do not always mean better quality – do your research!
  5. Is this brand ethical? Do you know where the things you buy come from, how many people had their hands on the T-Shirt you wear and what they were paid? A great way to include sustainability in to your shopping habits is by looking for brands that are transparent. They offer information about their supply chains, how their workers are treated and what materials they use.

Of course, there is way more that you can do to shop more mindful and sustainable but these tips are a great start and can be easily applied onto your daily life. Mindful Shopping can help you get control over your finances and generally lead a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming post on our favorite stores, who share the same ethical values as we do!

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